Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How to Start a Website

Web Designers

There are a number of professional web design companies that can be found online. It is worth considering a number of those companies that are able to meet the specific requirements of your business. Consider looking at a past portfolio of work to ascertain how each company may be able todesign the perfect website that you require. Some companies will be able to offer basic designs however e-commerce integration will be more specialist thus requiring more time and greater costs. It is important that an estimated budget is considered so that any potential design company can begin drawing up some ideas. Consider any potential milestones and timescales for the completion of work and how this will be reviewed before moving onto the next step of the project. Be prepared to be flexible and listen to advice from the experts who will be able to make recommendations about what will and won't work. Effective web design does not have to cost the earth.

The Build

The designer will begin to write your website using specific coding such as HTML which formats the pages and will use SEO in the content to help the site maintain good rankings in the search engines thus directing more traffic to the site. The designer will check in with you at each stage of the build to discuss ideas and to see if you have any suggestions or input and will utilize any ideas you have throughout the rest of the build. If you already have a company logo then you may like the designer to incorporate this into the site or you can request that he design you a fresh new one to compliment your new site. Once the build is completed and the images, videos and all other functions have been added you will be asked to look over the new site to see if you are happy with it and whether you require any alterations or changes. Once any changes required have been made and you are happy you can approve the site and the designer will make a few last adjustments and test it before handing it over to you. You will also find that most web design companies can either provide or recommend good web hosting which will save you the time of searching and, if the web hosting is actually with the design company themselves, then you may also save money as sometimes the hosting service is incorporated into the web design package.

Template Websites

If your budget won't stretch to hiring a web designer then there is always the option of a template website. There are numerous sites which provide website templates either at a very low cost or for free. You can choose the exact type of template to suit your needs from a wide range of styles and designs and the website template company will offer you full support and step by step instructions on installation so you can get on and customize your new website quickly and efficiently.

The Final Stage

After you have approved your finished website design from the web designer or have completed the customization of your template website there really is only one thing left to do and that's to launch your exciting new project on the World Wide Web and wait for all those visitors to come pouring through the virtual doors.

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