Thursday, 29 July 2010

Good E Commerce Marketing

Plan your site

The secret to good E Commerce marketing is to keep your customers and buyers in mind when planning your site. Simple designs work best with products organized in a coherent structure that is intuitive to a user.

Easy navigation and search facilities are essential tools for an online shopper. Allow your customers to filter choices by criteria such as price, colour, size or brand to improve the buying experience and increase your sales.

Don’t overcrowd your site. Clean layouts attract more buyers and presenting fewer items per page allows customers to view products without feeling overwhelmed or distracted.

Make sure customers are not frustrated by the sales path. Lay out clear, simple, easy to follow steps leading to the check-out facility.

Increase Purchasing Opportunities

Suggest additional products related to a customers choice. If a customer has clicked to purchase a particular book they may be interested in others by the same author. Similarly, if a customer purchases a camera, they may require a camera case, batteries, photo albums or frames.

Present Offers to your buyers. Providing discount deals or limited time offers encourage visitors to complete purchases. Be warned though, it is important to keep the confidence and trust of your buyers by making sure these deals are accurate. Time limited deals should expire and money off deals should translate to actual full price figures.

Free Shipping for Orders over a certain amount incentivizes your customers to spend more on purchases to save on postage and packing. This is an effective way to increase sales and the increased revenue outweighs the additional cost impact on the business.

Provide Good Product Information

Online shopping, much like traditional retail is highly price determined. Label your items clearly with pricing information. Users generally want to know the total cost of items including VAT, postage and any additional charges before they will provide personal information.

Give Accurate Descriptions of your products with clear images. Include all relevant information for each item, such as, size, brand, price or colour.


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